Vendanges manuelles en 1950. Une colle au  traailDomaine Saint Georges Les Cardinelles is the result of the work of generations of winegrowers certified in Nissan since the 16th century.

It was formed over time and the evolution of Languedoc agriculture.

The current Domaine Saint Georges Les Cardinelles is the result of the union of two wine properties belonging to two lines of winegrowers, the Audouys and the Lignon-Donnadieus.

The Audouys have been attested in Nissan since the 16th century. Between 1810 and 1900 Louis Audouy, known as Cardinel, then his son Jean and his grandson Jean bought the vines of Les Farguettes and Régismont.

The Donnadieus, for their part, constitute a wine estate. In the 1920s Eugène Donnadieu bought the cellar and the current outbuildings with his father-in-law Jacques Gaches.

Jacques Audouy, Jean's son, bought several plots in the 1930s, as did Eugène Donnadieu and then Léon Lignon, thus giving the estate its current appearance. It was Jany Audouy, granddaughter of Jacques and Léon, who brought the two estates together. The tradition continues with Christine, the great-granddaughter of Jacques Audouy and Léon Lignon, current manager of the estate.